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japanese creampieThere’s nothing like having your dick inside the love cave of a cute Japanese girl. The women of Japan are world famous for having the tightest pussies in the world…so tight, they will squeeze your hard cock until you quickly cum inside!

How long do you think you can last before shooting your load inside a cute girl like this? I can tell you, it takes some serious concentration, and is more than some newbies can handle! If they aren’t careful, they might even cum inside after less than a minute. I should know, cause I was once a newbie to this sweet Japanese pussy myself.

Let me give you some advice…take it nice and slow. Slide it in gently, and then slowly build up the pace. Your Japanese girl will get more excited and wet, and you’ll enjoy her love hole even longer! I’m telling you, it feels so good inside, that you will never wanna come out.

When you see her pretty Asian face, and feel the unbelievable sensation of her tight, warm, wet Japanese pussy around your cock, you can rest assured that you’ll soon be in heaven…creampie heaven…but don’t cum inside just yet…

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Comment by try.her

June 3, 2009 @ 10:08 am

WE are an international couple, and I ( the husband )LOVE for good friends to fill her full of sperm. We would really like to have a small ‘harem’ of 5 or 6 or so clean, attractive young guys who can fill her fairly regularly…

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