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Yuri Manaka wants to play:
“The Fuck Game”

Yes, this is very exciting news folks. Yuri is one of my favorites, and she’s all dressed up, Japanese cosplay style…in her sexy maid uniform. When a girl in Japan gets dressed in her maid uniform, it can only mean one thing: That she’s a kinky cutie pie who wants to do dirty things with you.

Check it out, Yuri even shaved her tight little Japanese pussy for us. BTW, have you ever been with a real cosplay maid from Tokyo? They are soooo cute, and sooooo much fun!

You can meet them at any of the “Maid Cafes” in Akihabara (aka Electric Town), Tokyo. There are even a lot of these cute Japanese cosplay maids hanging out in front of the train station at Akihabara. They’re just looking for nice guys to spend some “quality” time with.

japanese maid cosplayWatch her video sample by clicking the image above, and if you want more, check out some of these pics by clicking on the thumb to the right.

Does that shaved Asian pussy look good or what?! I love Yuri Manaka, and I’m so happy she likes playing “The Fuck Game.”

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Comment by matt

October 11, 2010 @ 6:54 am

I really would like to a little not quite confinced, that this would satisfy my taste!!

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