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Review of Japanese internal cumshot site: O Creampies

O Creampies Tour

Well, I’ve been going on a review rampage of the Idols 69 network of sites, and today I’d like to do a review of O Creampies. This site has already been mentioned several times on this blog. It is the best, and only, Japanese porn site I know of devoted 100% to creampies, or nakadashi (中出し) as it’s known in Japan.

You know there is no better feeling on Earth than shooting your entire load inside the tight warm pussy of a Japanese girl. That’s what this blog is all about. In the past, we had to get our Japanese internal cumshot fix at various J porn sites around the internet…waiting with baited breath for them to update with another internal cumshot video.

That has all changed since O Creampies opened. As of today, they have 599 creampie videos with the cutest Jgirls allowing lucky stunt cocks to fill their wet little pussies to the brim. As if it wasn’t enough, they took it to the next level, and allow you access to all of their Japanese porn sites with a single membership.

Your login to O Creampies will work at all of these sites in their network:

Ok, so step by step, here we go with the review…

First, you will need to create your user account, and choose how you want to pay. There are 3 payment options: 1 Month for $29.95, 3 Months for $59.95, or 12 Months for $89.95. You will need to work out what is the best deal for you…1 month ($1 a day), 3 months ($0.67 a day), or 12 months ($0.25 a day). It really depends how hardcore a fan of Japanese porn you are.

O Creampies signup

If you’re only interested in pussy creampie videos, and can download all 599 of them (plus updates) at O Creampies in a month, then I’d just go for the single month option. But if you think you’ll be downloading from their other sites (and I’m sure you will) then we’re talking thousands and thousands of videos. So just something to think about.

Now, if you’ve never joined an adult site before, you may be wondering what it will say on your credit card statement. Your credit card will only show the processor you were billed by (“ccbill.com”, “epoch.com”, or “segpay.com”). It is totally safe and discreet. If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact their support.

O Creampies support

Ok, so after signing up and logging in, you’ll notice that the site pretty much looks the same as what you see on the tour…

O Creampies videos

The videos are all there and are searchable by Date Added, Category, Rating, Set Size, Set Title, or Model Name. Scroll down, and you’ll see that you also have the option to search through all the DVD’s on the site…

O Creampies DVDs

The only real difference between what you see on the tour, vs. after logging in, is that you can now view and download all the videos/DVD’s. After clicking a video of your choice, you will see a page like this:

O Creampies video page

As with all the sites in their network, you can watch the video in tube style format (Full screen High Definition available) or download the whole movie direct to your computer. Download options are .mp4, .mpeg, or .avi. By clicking on the DVD box thumbnail image top right, you can also view, and download, all the scenes from this DVD.

On the front page of the site, scrolling down to the bottom, you’ll notice thumbnail images of every site in their network. Once you are logged in, these all become clickable links, which will conveniently take you to every site in the network without having to re-login again:

Idols network of sites

They really have thought of pretty much everything for these sites, and whatever they haven’t thought of, you can mention to them. I’ve found them to be very open and appreciative of any feedback.

So that’s my review of O Creampies. Really, it’s the best site for Asian creampies on the internet, and considering you also get access to 20 other high quality Japanese porn sites with the membership, I think it’s a great deal. Rather than searching all over the internet for your J Porn fix…for the price of $0.25 – $1 a day, you can have it all under one roof.

Click Here to go to O Creampies

Funky Japanese girl gets creampie in shaved Asian pussy

Marathon gangbang

I’ve been reading more and more in the news about the bulging waistlines in America and other Western nations. Japan doesn’t seem to have an obesity epidemic. Why is that? Maybe folks should start taking pointers from the athletes in this marathon gangbang video. I mean, what better way to burn off the calories than with no holds barred fucking, followed by an internal creampie as a reward? Beats the treadmill, that’s for sure.

My favorite chick in this movie has got to be this funky Japanese girl with the hair extensions. She’s shaved her smooth Asian pussy bald, and has a nice bubble butt to spread open as you’re fucking her doggystyle from behind. There are no hairs to get in the way when this creampie dribbles back out…so enjoy the view! The girl is awesome…

Enjoy the full marathon gangbang at OCreampies

Would you cum inside this Japanese cutie’s hot pussy?

Creampie Asian

To me, this girl looks like a typical cutie you might see out on the streets of Tokyo. Some of these girls desperately need money…Money for what you ask?…Food? Rent?Β  No, they need money for much more important things, such as buying the latest Gucci bag so they can look cool in front of their friends! πŸ™‚

For that, many girls are willing to do just about anything, including taking a creampie from some guy in a porno film. My question is, would you be willing to take one for the team, and fuck this Japanese cutie’s pussy until you cum inside her hot love hole? I think I’d have a hard time saying no to that offer, as this girl is smoking hot. It’s a tough job, but somebody’s gotta do it!

Click Here to see her creampie movie at OCreampies

Sweet Japanese teen spreads legs for hot cum inside her little hole

Rin Mizusaki

I started this little blog back in 2006 because of my addiction to Japanese creampies. There really is no better feeling on this planet than sliding your dick into one of these girls’ tight, hot, pussies, then firing your whole load deep within. If you’re lucky enough to date a Japanese girl who’s on the pill, you’ll know what I mean. πŸ˜‰ Well, until now, I had yet to see a video site completely devoted to cum inside J-girl pussy. But that has changed…the name of the site is OCreampies.

This site is made by the same people who created another great site mentioned in my previous post, Nippon Anal. You can access all sites in their network by simply joining one…and that also includes a busty J-girl site, and sexy Idols site. This sweet Japanese teen is but one example of creampie ecstasy caught on film inside. How loving of her to spread her silky smooth legs open, and allow him to cum inside her super tight little Asian hole. Yes, Japanese girls really are the most caring, lovable girls on Earth!

Anal creampie in Miina Minamoto’s tight Japanese butt hole

Miina Minamoto

Hard to believe that such a beautiful, and elegant, Japanese woman as in the photo above would be up for butt hole sex and anal creampies…but that is exactly what this kinky cutie is into. Miina Minamoto is one awesome Asian female who lets this guy use her sweet pink lips to warm up his cock, before fucking her tight J pussy and asshole.

How would you like to be the lucky bastard that penetrates her backdoor bareback style? Imagine how hot it is inside her asshole…her pulse beating on your cock…her anus flexing open and closed on you! If you don’t like it dirty style…and by dirty, I mean putting your dick in a hot Japanese girl’s pooper, then I doubt you’ll enjoy Anal Nippon.

If, on the other hand, you’re ready to explore the joys of Japanese anal sex and creampies, then check this site out! You’ll find more of Miina Minamoto, and tons of other fine J-girls getting their buttholes buggered in all their uncensored glory.

Beautiful bald pussy of Asian girl Nozomi dribbling hot cum

Bald pussy

Not only is Nozomi Uehara one smoking hot Japanese beauty, she also has a nice smooth bald Asian pussy which must feel like heave to slide your cock into. I’ve said it before, and I must say it again…it’s so nice to see more cute girls from Japan shaving their beautiful little beavers.

For true creampie lovers, it really is nice to watch the cum dribbling out of a tight snatch after shooting a hot load deep inside. We don’t need any silly mosaics blocking our view of lovely Nozomi’s private parts, do we? To do such a thing would be an outrageous assault on her femininity…and our intelligence.

Well, thank goodness Horny Tokyo features only uncensored JAV porn videos, so we can view this ecstasy in all it’s glory. Lets enjoy the true beauty of Japanese women allowing lucky men to cum inside their tight hot pussies!

Japanese creampie porn cutie Hikaru Houzuki is so damn fine

Hikaru Houzuki

I love this creampie cutie Hikaru Houzuki. Seen her in several hot Japanese porn videos and she looks truly stunning in every one. A real natural beauty with soft, glossy, lips perfect for wrapping around your cock, and getting you in the mood to go up in her hot pussy. And, as with all the girls featured on this blog, Hikaru is willing to let you cum inside her sweet little love hole…

Just can’t find Asian beauties like her in most porn coming out of the West unfortunately. It’s a shame, cause I’ve seen many a fine Asian girl in the States, but there seem to be only a few doing adult work out there. Of course, Japan has some of the finest girls in the world, and thank god they’re also one of the biggest producers of porn as well…

See Hikaru’s completely uncensored video at Horny Tokyo

Pai pan (パむパン) pussy of Hina Otsuka getting filled with cream

Pai pan

The previous post was for the hairy Asian pussy lovers, but here’s one for those who love cumming into snatches as smooth as silk.

For any who didn’t know, “pai pan” is the term for shaved pussies in Japan. It’s spelled パむパン, and let me tell you…what a wonderful sight it is to see your hot cream dribbling out of a sweet girl’s quivering, hairless lovehole there. Hina Otsuka has a fresh pink pai pan that makes you wanna bury your tongue so deep inside, you could drink every last drop of her delicious nectar!

She looks up with those big brown doe eyes while sucking on the cock with her soft pink lips. Then spreads those legs open to take it in her tight little Asian snatch. Fucking her smooth-as-silk pai pan must be closest thing to heaven on earth, don’t you think? This cutie isn’t one to just lay there while you do all the work either. Watch her straddle this guy and massage his dick with her pink pussy squeezing tightly on the shaft!

Shaven AsianThis video is at XVN, and if you didn’t get enough of Hina Otsuka’s beautiful Japanese pai pan, there is more Asian creampie fun there with this cutie! Also, if you’re wondering why these movies resemble 99bb, it’s cause 99bb and XVN joined forces earlier this year. All 99bb’s uncensored Japanese porn movies are now to be found at XVN. This latest pai pan series is only one of more great flicks to come over there.

Hairy Asian pussy leaking out a fresh internal cum shot

Hairy Asian pussy

Hey, sorry I haven’t posted in awhile. But you know I couldn’t give up my love for Japanese creampies. There is just nothing better in life that cumming inside one of these cute girls tight little beavers. Today we have an innocent teen cutie named Yuki Rin, who has a fluffy little beaver just waiting for a cock inside. Man, do I wish it was mine!

Watch her hairy Asian pussy getting filled to the brim until it leaks leaks a cum shot back out between her legs…right down to her hot little asshole. I’ve posted plenty of cream pies in shaved and trimmed pussies, but this one is for you folks who like them all-natural and hairy! Isn’t this girl so cute?

This sample gallery is courtesy of Horny Tokyo.

Pussy cream pie dribbles out of Chihiro’s pink Asian cunt

Cream pieDid you guys think I’d leaving you hanging without a fresh pussy cream pie to enjoy for a Merry “White” Christmas? Not a chance! Here we have Japanese beauty Chihiro Hara taking multiple cream pies in her sweet Asian cunt…and loving every minute of it. You see, that’s what I love about Chihiro, she’s a genuine pervert just like us!

Don’t believe it? Then check out this other anal fuck video I found of her taking it in her tight little bunny asshole! I love watching her push that huge green goya in her pussy, along with all kinds of other veggies. I tell you, I’d eat any veggie that’s pulled out of her delicious little hole without hesitation! She even goes for double penetration, taking a DP in her tight snatch while moaning in the ecstasy of it…

The whole thing gets even better when we get to watch the internal cum shot dribbling out of her pink Asian pussy. Watch her cute little asshole flexing as she squeezes out every last drop of that cream pie. Then, check out all the other internal movies available at 99bb.

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